Our Sponsors and Donors

We would like to thank all those who have kindly donated to the Guitar Society of Toronto.

Prelude ($1000-$4999)

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation
Les Productions D’Oz
Tim Greer
Harold Levy
Rob Rosenblat
Sandra Schnurr

Allemande ($500-$999)

John Hunter
Joan York
One Anonymous Donor

Etude ($100-$499)

Carson Allard
Susan Anderson
William Beauvais
Thorel Beckett
Liona Boyd
Rama Chandran
Donald Choi
Paul Clarke-White
Jillian Ennis
Patricia Fenton
Anna Graham
Eugene Gryski
Jim Harries

Rawle Jibodh
Michael Klein
Terri and Avron Kulak
Winnie Lip
Ross MacIver
Adrian Mann
Thomas Merey
Bagher Moazen
Heather Morand Clark
Brian Riley
Steve Robson
David and Chris Rogers
Michael Schreiner

Victor Smith
Roslyn Stephenson
Maryellen Symons
Liliana Tosic
Bruce West
Stephen Wingfield
Michael Yukich
Anna and Jan Zywiel
L’Atelier Grigorian
Remenyi House of Music
Seeds of Hope Foundation
Three Anonymous Donors

Fans ($1-$99)

Catherine Basaraba
Andrea Casciato
Terry Cohen
Anthony D’Angelo
Massimo Guida
Emily de Keyzer
Pavlo Kuzhlev

Ted Lebar
Wendy London
Sarah Milne
Kim Moulsdale
Robert Mundle
Floria Nica Henneke
William Neil Roberts

Emma Rush
Erik Schryer
Stephen Sinclair
Ron Soskolne
Ricardo Torres
Phap Tran

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